[Lapham-Marquette PTG] Marquette Teacher Appreciation Lunch

Jessie Chmell jessiechmell at gmail.com
Sun Apr 29 23:23:59 EDT 2018

*Help us celebrate and appreciate our AWESOME staff at MARQUETTE by
contributing to a delicious potluck luncheon!!  Let’s CELEBRATE the people
who invest so many hours and work hard to create a dynamic and engaging
environment for our children to learn!Thursday May 10thWays to participate
- Bring a hot dish, side dish, salad, one of your family’s favorites,
flowers or dessert.  Send in a thank you note, help set up or clean up.
 You can sign up online here  https://goo.gl/aH61gY
<https://goo.gl/aH61gY>OR email Jessie Chmell at JessieChmell at gmail.com
<JessieChmell at gmail.com> with your name and what you’d like to bring.  (or
call 241-7086)You can send in items w/ your child  (include ingredients) OR
you can drop items off in the office before 10:30AM. Please pick up dishes
from the teacher’s lounge the following day (if they’re not disposable). *
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