[Lapham-Marquette PTG] Help Fund Flexible Seating at Marquette

Jessie Chmell jessiechmell at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 23:24:39 EST 2017

Last Spring Marquette started a Go Fund Me campaign to raise enough funds
to provide flexible seating options to all of their classrooms. They are
continuing that campaign and need your help. This began last year when one
of the 4th grade teachers implemented flexible seating in her classroom. My
daughter was in that room and so we were able to watch this experiment take
place. It was a great success.

For more info read below or just head to the GoFundMe site:
Thank you for supporting our schools!

Ms. Heindel shared, the flexible seating "project creates
movement-permissive classrooms to promote student choice, self-regulation,
and mindfulness. Having implemented the Zones of Regulation curriculum
school-wide for two years, we have observed that students learn better when
they are given choices and tools to help them self-regulate.  Whether
listening to a lesson on the carpet, talking to a partner at a table, or
working alone, students work better when they are comfortable and sitting
in a place they choose.  The project will expand student choice by
providing all regular-education and special education classrooms with
alternative seating like yoga balls, desk bikes, cushions, and wobble
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