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Below are the notes from October's PTG meeting.  The November PTG meeting is next Tuesday:
When: Tuesday, November 15th at 6:00pmWhere: Lapham School AuditoriumTopic: Social emotional learning programs at Lapham and Marquette
**Free food and childcare at this and every PTG meeting!
I hope to see you there!

|             Date:     October 11, 2015     |             Number of Attendees:              adults ( staff) 18    kids    2 or 3? |
|             Topic:     Outdoor Education at Lapham and Marquette         |             Next Meeting:    November 15, 2016**Focus: Social & Emotional LearningFood and Childcare always available.     |

All parents and teachers are considered to be a part of PTG.Everyone is welcome at each meeting.
**Please Note that November’s PTG will be one week later than usual to avoid election day.BIG THANKS goes to Salvatore’s Tomato Pies for making the pizza for this month’s meeting!Marquette Update:Q and A with Pam:What is the story on email for students?: District wide 3rd graders get a district email.  Opted to do it because: - coordinates with google docs etc.  Marquette is a google school. - students have the opportunity to use appropriate ways to use email.  Lots of instruction around this.  Year-long digital literacy curriculum includes how to be safe on-line, how to do safe and “real” on-line research.  What do you do when you open a site and see that it’s not something that you should be doing.- MMSD account means that teachers/school have access to emails and monitor content when problem arise.  We can take away access if a problem persists.- Is it too young?:  the school district sees it as a tool that students need to learn how to use
-Can you tell us about the school store?:- student council works the register, donates money to food collections or other causes that have meaning to them- products are ordered by educational assistant, Kim Hall and facilitates the student council: pencils, pens, erasers, bouncy balls etc. - no more than $5 at a timeWhat about kids who don’t have $?  There are tickets towards the school store that are given to kids who need them, and as a motivator for good behavior- Money is used as a fundraiser
Does Marquette have a homework policy?:   
   - Not really.  Each grade level has a request that students read each night (20 mins)
   - Research says 10 mins per grade level
   - There is a homework component to the new math curriculum that they are trying out.  If you think it’s too much, please let your teacher know.
   - We have a general understanding that homework should be additional practice that they can do on their own, to increase fluency of skill
   - Students had work time at school and didn’t finish for one reason or another
   - To create opportunity to interact with families such as interviewing family members

Lapham Updatenone

Theme DiscussionOutdoor and Experiential Education - Sarah Williams   
   - History of/what is Experiential Education
   - What are possibilities at Marquette Okeeffe?
Lapham Outdoor Classroom and Community Garden - Stephanie Steigerwaldt   
   - History of Lapham Garden and How it works

BUSINESS MEETING & COMMITTEE UPDATES - *PLEASE BOLD ANY ACTION ITEMS*Board Members in Attendance: Kathy, Stephanie, Jessie, Sarah W, Cheryl, Tom, Emily
   - Jessie Chmell: The Lapham 1st grade teachers would like to take all 1st graders to see a play at the Overture center. I think it's wonderful for every kid to be able to have the experience of going to the Overture Center and not every child's family has the financial ability to take them.  $280  The Principal before Tammy used to take the whole school to see a show at The Overture Center. Now Tammy uses that money on other things such as Lexia. I think it's important kids have more arts (and meaningful field trips) in their education.  MAY trip
Approved.  Jessie will let the 1st grade teachers know.
   - Chelsea Barnes: I would like a subscription to Adventure to Fitness.com for my class. It's a great brain break and a fun way for students to be active and move in the classroom.  6.99 for a month for a monthly subscription - may be limited time frame for the price.
Ask for more information.  Why not use free sites?  - Jessie will email
   - Chelsea Barnes: I would like 3 personal cd players for my classroom listen to reading library. $25 for each cd player; $75-$80 for the cd players plus tax and any shipping costs if I have to order onineI have a classroom library with for listen to reading with Cds but the large CD players make it difficult for more than one student to use the listen to reading materials. The personal CD players will make it easier for multiple students to use the materials and also make it easier for students to move to other spaces in the classroom to use the materials
Stephanie will post on facebook to see if anyone has some to donate. - Jessie will email.
Other news and to-dos:We got a donation of $548.00 from two years of Party in the Park from the Tenny Lapham neighborhood.Liz Admundson bought mulch for Marquette garden $15.  She will be reimbursed.Quick Start Supplies $220.14 fundraiser. Emily will email schools to say it was a success and we plan to do it next year.Box Tops, after school clubs, teacher appreciation, food for PTG meetings and Directory Help:  Sarah sent out requests for help on facebook, but didn’t get a response. Sarah will update flier. Jessie and Kathy will copy and distribute fliers to put request out again.Juan and Maria will do bake sale.  Stephanie will reach out to them to see how things are going.Science night update - Lots of UW faculty and other community members will be presenting.Sarah will add fundraising idea to flyer to see if anyone wants to do cookie dough and magazines fundraiser from Connie.Stephanie will get a food donation for December.  Cheryl will get food for November.Direct Appeal Letter:  Good to send out around Thanksgiving. Sarah W will email Jenn Plants about doing this again this year along with the thank you letters.Stephanie will organize teacher appreciation for Marquette.  We need a lapham parent.  Jessie will call about having massage available.  Cheryl will ask Denny.  Potentially the week of Dec. 12th for teacher appreciation.

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