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Hi Ellison,

I will fill out the form on Saturday sorry for the delay.


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> On Jan 3, 2016, at 10:25 AM, Ellison Bentley <ellison.bentley at gmail.com> wrote:
> Is your New Year's resolution to do something awesome for your kids and the schools?? If so, sign up below!
> The Marquette-Lapham PTG After-School Club program seeks people to lead and others to help with after-school clubs!
> Leading a club can be lots of fun, so please try it! 
>  Feb 22  - Mar 18 (4 sessions, Mon-Fri (early release Mar 8) You may offer more weeks if you want!)
>  Mondays 1:05-2:15; Tuesday - Fri 2:40 – 3:50 (You may offer a longer session if you want.)
>  Clubs should be designed for 6-10 children.  Consider having an assistant for larger groups.
>  Funding for supplies and your time ($100/club). Snack will be provided. You may offer additional snacks from home.
>  Coordinators are available to help with management and communication as needed.  
> We are also seeking a parent to assist with a science club at Marquette led by a UW student-please sign up if interested. Thursdays-no prep needed!
> Complete the form online: http://tinyurl.com/Leadersignupspring2016
> by January 15
> Note no paper signup
> If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: clubs at lapham-marquette-ptg.org
> Jackie Brown (Lapham) aroundmadtown at gmail.com
> Ellison Bentley (Marquette) ellison.bentley at gmail.com
> Your talents will be appreciated–the number of children interested always exceeds club capacity!
> Some club ideas:  
> Knitting		Dance		Drama		Science Experiments	Pokemon	Photography 		Culture
> Book Bunch 	Puzzles		Games		Woodworking		Martial Arts 	Storytelling		Yoga
> Arts & Crafts	Origami		Nature 		Silk Screening 		Computer 	Duct Tape		Music
> Ready to go clubs-clubs that have been run before or we have access to materials to run the club (contact Ellison Bentley for more details):
> Lego-access to large Lego collection for free form building
> Fashion Show Sewing Club-done by a previous parent-all supplies and outlines ready to go
> Jump rope (Lapham)-Will loan Lapham jump ropes for club-should take place at Lapham
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