[Lapham-Marquette PTG] fundraising opp?

Katie Beilfuss kgb at uwalumni.com
Thu Aug 4 23:38:45 EDT 2016

Has anyone looked into Quick Start Supplies as a fundraiser for

We just got an email from the O'Keeffe Middle School PTG recommending we
purchase our school supplies through Quick Start Supplies -- the company
already has the school supplies list, parents order the supplies online
through Quick Start Supplies, and the company delivers them straight to the

Perhaps this won't work for supplies that need to be labeled with a
student's name, but otherwise it was a super no-hassle way to get school
supplies. (and it has seemed lately that fewer and fewer supplies are
purchased and labeled with the kids name, but rather thrown into a
collective supply pool.

Plus the PTG gets 20% of the sales back from Quick Start Supplies.


I don't know that it would work for this fall as school is just around the
corner and I'm guessing parents who are more on top of it than I am have
already purchased their supplies. But it could be good for a future year.

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