[Lapham-Marquette PTG] Lapham Garden needs some help through the end of August...

Stephanie Steigerwaldt steigerzat at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 13:40:17 EDT 2016

Hello Lapham-Marquette Families,

Lapham Garden needs some help through the end of August – if you have some
time to spare please consider volunteering a few hours through our Adopt
the Garden for a Week Program. You will get to harvest some food for your
family too. Please contact Stephanie Steigerwaldt by responding to this
mail or sending email to steigerwaldt at hotmail.com to sign up.

*Here is more information on Lapham's "Adopt-the-Garden-for-a-Week" Summer

Our summer maintenance program
offers Lapham-Marquette families and community members the opportunity to
harvest food to take home in exchange for performing basic gardening tasks.
This is also a great opportunity for Girl/Boy Scout Troupes, families who
homeschool, etc – spread the word! To sign up, participants choose a
one-week period during the summer months in which they commit to
volunteering 2-4 hours of their time. Gardening tasks range from simple
tasks like weeding and watering to more complex tasks like trellissing,
planting, harvesting and delivering food for the Wil-Mar Community Center.
We ask participants to visit the garden at least two times during their
chosen week and they may harvest some food to take home with them each time
they volunteer. We also offer a flexible orientation and training session
to participants.

Check out the 2016 Adopt-the-Garden Calendar
and sign up today!

Many thanks,

Lapham Garden & Green Team

Lapham's Garden-based Learning Webpage

Find Lapham Garden & Green Team on Facebook
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