[Lapham-Marquette PTG] needed: Parent to compile school directory

Liz Amundson lizamunds at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 27 09:41:21 EDT 2015

Hello all-- for a number of years we had the same volunteer creating the student directory- the paper booklet with the names of kids, parents, addresses, phone, email using the info she gets from each of our two school's secretaries. Useful for birthday party invites, over-break playdates, just to have a list of who's in your kiddo's class (and to remember their parents names, if you're like me!)
Do you have 10 hours to give in the next couple of weeks to get the directory formatted? MMSD prints it for us for free- the work is just the compiling/formatting. 

The former volunteer's kids are now at O'Keefe and East- so we need someone new. That parent is offering to give the template she used to create it and tips/guidance to the next volunteer. It will take about 10 hours to do, she says.

Please contact me directly and I will get you connected to previous compiler Chris.
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