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Below are the notes from the October PTG meeting. Our next meeting is November 9th at 6pm - where we will discuss community engagement, cultivating relationships with local businesses, events calendar, and teacher appreciation.  
There is free food and childcare at every meeting!
Hope to see you there,Sarah HerrickPTG Secretary
|             Date:     October 13, 2015     |             Number of Attendees:              adults - 25ish    kids - 6 |
| Topic:     Give Those Ideas WingsAn Open Space Work Session where we will start digging in and plan things that generated interest such as Science Night, International Food Fair, creating an events committee, equity and clubs committees, etc.      |             Next Meeting:    November 10, 2015Focus: Engaging the community and with businesses to cultivate relationships; calendar of events and recruiting volunteers;Teacher Appreciation |

All parents and teachers are considered to be a part of PTG.Everyone is welcome at each meeting.BIG THANKS to Bandung for providing the food for this month’s meeting!BIG THANKS to all the parents who came to help move these great ideas forward.UPCOMING EVENTS:Fall Community Work Day at Lapham Outdoor Classroom & Community GardenWhen: Saturday, November 7th*Time: 12pm – 3pm *Rain Date: Sunday, November 8thBring the kids and give an hour of your time lending a hand putting the garden to bed for the winter: clearing the beds of debris and mulching; rebuilding our compost windrow; cleaning tools and more. Learn about composting, get a tour of the garden and enjoy a bit of autumn’s final offering with a cup of warm apple cider.Also, if you happen to have bagged up leaves from your yard, we could use them for our compost windrow. We also need cardboard for mulching. Feel free to drop off bagged leaves and cardboard anytime that is convenient for you – leave it by the table in the center of the garden just inside the Dayton Street gate.Theme DiscussionTonights meeting is an open space meeting - Four principles - find or start the discussion you are interested in having - after ½ hour report out; 
Auction - Katie is leading the auction effort; got 5 or 6 people participating already; learning from the last 2 years; adding more online capabilities; 
Clubs - Some issues - Lapham generally has less clubs, students can run clubs at Marquette; increase parental involvement or bring someone in to lead club - professionals. What about charging families that can pay? engaging MSCR? There space issues at Marquette. What about longer duration clubs with teams of parents rotating as leaders? Have a PTG meeting about clubs.
Communications -  How to reach more people; texting? Fundraising flyer with all the events; survey monkey to gauge interest. Marquette is having an African American family night in the camelot area.
Science Night - What would folks like to see? at Marquette? inviting UW, MATC, asking any parents or community members who want to set up tables. high school clubs, O’Keefe kids with Science projects? Date? Feb or April.
Marquette Update: Marquette is having African American Family night - informal conversations with African american families in different locations - engaging parents; FACE Team is planning the event - there is one scheduled in November. BUSINESS MEETING & COMMITTEE UPDATES - *PLEASE BOLD ANY ACTION ITEMS*Board Members in Attendance: Emily Sonneman, Jessie Chmell, Sarah Williams, Stefanie Stiegerwaldt, Sarah Herrick, Cheryl Kyl, Liz Amundson, Grant FosterClubs committee issues - There has been some discussion of having clubs not run by parents, especially at Lapham where there are usually less clubs - kids are often turned away. This would be a big change in how PTG runs the clubs program:   
   -  should PTG charge those who can pay for some clubs and have PTG subsidize those who can’t? 
   - PTG board needs to decide if we are going to do this or not - big change. 
   - This is one way to ensure that there are enough clubs so that everyone gets into a club.
   - There was a lot of hesitation about offering clubs that some will not be able to pay for. 
   - Other ideas:
   - See if UW Students could get credit for teaching computer programming? 
   - Is there some capacity for Lapham, MSCR, MMSD, or Red Caboose to coordinate on some clubs? 
   - Sector 67
   - UW or Edgewood educations students volunteer to lead a club
   - Has PTG ever had an activity where we asked to pay? 
   - PG need to be prepared to pay for anyone that asks.
   - There is $1000 budgeted for clubs - no clubs should come out of grant money
Will PTG take any money from families for clubs in Spring? Motion by Grant to keep the same (current) format for clubs for Spring 2016, 2nd by Sarah Williams - motion passesUpcoming meetings:Many liked the open space working meeting format - we would like to use this format again for getting things accomplished - maybe cut back on topic meetings in favor of more working meetings. Some are still interested in having a few topic meetings - particularly around assessments (with diverse viewpoints) and parental involvement in the SIP process. December looks like a good month for a topic meeting.Next Month:   
   - Fundraising
   - How should we engage with the community and with businesses and cultivate relationships
   - Calendar of events and recruiting volunteers
   - Teacher Appreciation
Action Item: Make a calendar of events for the school year, circulate to board and approve at next month's meeting.
Emily and Grant met to discuss criteria for grant requests? Questions to ask ourselves as we’re considering requests   
   - Deadlines for grants twice per year
   - What about extra things that might come up or might be extra awesome?
   - Division between Marquette and Lapham?
   - What is the impact  - big deal or just kind of cool/or how many will benefit?
   - Sustainable or one time thing – eventually fund itself?
   - Equity
   - What is the requester investing in the project – time and ambition or just buying something
   - What happens if we don’t fund the request are there others ways to fund or other ways to meet these goals.   

Grant requests:Lisa Schuster - $1500, exactly what we thought we gave in 2012.   
   - we just gave $3200 to this in 2012 - we need to know what happened to that money if it wasn’t used for the bookroom.
   - Kids get a ton of instruction around reading , no chance that kids will not get reading instruction – school should be paying for instructional resources; use PTG resources for extra things outside of instructional items
   - Motion to deny grant request Liz, 2nd by Grant  - motion passed
Kristin Haugen Wente $500 for advanced learning books.   
   - Are there school budget funds for book room books for TAG learners?
   - This seems like it should be an academic expenditure.
   - Liz motions to approve grant for $250.00; 2nd by Jessie – motion passed
Terry Belz, for $500 for replacement of mindfulness, sensory, yoga stuff.    
   - Are there other funds for this?
   - Grants for these items should be more specific – cost of items
   - Grant motions to deny request, 2nd Emily  - motion passed
Kathy Mack $195 for wiggle seats and bouncy bands.     
   - Funded items for this classroom last year; Too much$$ for 1 classroom
   - Too many of these items may be distracting to students (anecdotal report)
   - So many requests for these types of things – lots of demand. MMSD resources for this stuff?
   - Grant motions to  deny request; 2nd liz  - approved
Carmen Montopoli $285 for tablets .   
   - outside of district technology plan
   - not tech support, no replacement for out of date,
   - Motion to deny Liz; 2nd Emily - Motion passed
Sophi Guilfose , $250 for bullying prevention month assembly.     
   - Motion to deny Grant, 2nd liz , motion passed
Maegan Heindel, $125.00 for food for African American family night – getting ½ off from Papa Johns (FACE TEAM) – cost just estimate.   
   - Could use family engagement funds for this?
   - Grant motions to approve up to $125, try to minimize, 2nd Sarah W, approved (take out of family engagement line item)
Next month we will talk about what is left in the grant pot. In January we will make an announcement, give a date for grant submissionsMeeting AdjournedAFTER SCHOOL CLUBSclubs at marquette-ptg.org    COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE: communications at lapham-marquette-ptg.orgIf you have gmail and are signed up to receive PTG emails, you need to set up a filter so messages with the word ‘lapham’ do not go to spam. click the ‘gear’ icon on the upper left in your gmail, then settings. Click on filters at the top, and create a filter for the word ‘lapham’ and check the box ‘never send to spam’. Messages from the PTG email list always have [Lapham-Marquette PTG] in the subject line.    EQUITY/FAMILY SUPPORT COMMITTEEfamily_support at lapham-marquette.orgFUNDRAISING COMMITTEEfundraising at lapham-marquette-ptg.org        We are seeking a 3rd person to co-lead the Taste of Wisconsin/REAP fundraiser. This fundraiser involves gathering orders for locally made food, tabulating those orders, picking up the food at a warehouse, running an evening bag filling party where all the orders are split into bags.  Katie Beilfuss and Liz Amundson have done it for a number of years now. We’d like to transition someone else in for next year with one of us staying on in a leadership role for 2016-17 and the other just helping minimally. This is our 2nd biggest fundraiser as a school, and earned $4000 for PTG last year. Time commitment for a co-leader is about 10-15 hours over an 8 week period in the fall. Contact us at the fundraising email above. GARDEN AND GREEN TEAM UPDATE    garden at lapham-marquette-ptg.org    LUNCH/SNACK/NUTRITION COMMITTEE    lunch_committee at lapham-marquette-ptg.orgTEACHER APPRECIATION COMMITTEE

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