[Lapham-Marquette PTG] Taste of Wisconsin Holiday Sale

Katie Beilfuss kgb at uwalumni.com
Sun Oct 18 23:00:42 EDT 2015

It's that time of year again: the *Taste of Wisconsin Holiday Sale*! This
is the 9th annual sale brought to you by your Lapham-Marquette PTG and REAP
Food Group.

Look for the manilla envelope with the Taste of Wisconsin Holiday Sale logo
coming home in a backpack near you (ours arrived home on Friday afternoon).
Orders are due November 7.

This is a fundraiser you can really feel good about: it not only raises
money for our schools, but also benefits small Wisconsin farms and

*New this year: the family with the largest number of unique orders from
friends/family/coworkers will win a FREE Veggie Lovers Box from Driftless
Organics (a $35 value!)*

All the information you need to participate in this fundraiser is in the
large manilla envelope coming home through backpack mail soon.

Thank you for your help to make this fundraiser a great success for Lapham
and Marquette.

Katie Beilfuss
mom of 2nd grader Theo

Liz Amundson
mom of 4th grader Julian
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