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Registration is open for After School clubs at Marquette! Thanks to all our
wonderful parent volunteers (and Ms Heindel our librarian!). See below for

*Mondays— 1:05 – 2:15:*


*Art club with Nancy Kuehn and Kathryn Kuehn*

Join us for fun with art projects! Come play on the creative side and
express yourself through art!

*(Gr 4 – 5 – 8 kids)*

*Pokémon** club with Liz Amundson and Julian Sailing*

Join us to play Pokémon, build decks and/or learn to play.

All are welcome- you don't have to know how to play to come- we'll teach
you! This time we'll offer an optional challenge each week for the chance
to win a Pokémon-related prize. Bring your own cards and decks OR borrow
ours- you don't have to have your own cards to be in this club!

*(Gr 3 - 5 — 18 kids)*

*Jewelry Club with Amie Heeter*

Come and create with beads! We will work with necklaces, bracelets, and
earrings. Materials will be provided and you can also bring any additions
from home.

*(Gr 3 - 5 – 12 kids)*

*Fun and Fabulous Jump Rope Club with Wendy and Maya Cruz*

Come and jump rope! Then create your own fabulous look! We will experience
a different type of fabulous each week. Let's paint nails, apply make-up,
and design/color fashion sketches. On the last day, we will put it all
together with a fashion show/dance party!

*(Gr 3 - 4 – 6 kids)*

*Drawing Club with Rich Bennell  and Aylani*

My name is Rich and I am a tattoo artist. My granddaughter Aylani and I
will teach all of you how to draw all types of things. I hope you have a
good time working with me!

*(Gr 3 – 5 – 10 kids)*

*Tuesdays — 2:40-3:50:*

*Human and Animal Care Club with Georgia Corner and Anne Devitt*

How do you keep animals - including humans - healthy? Do you ever dream of
being a doctor, nurse or veterinarian? We'll start by looking at how
animals are built like us; then we'll have visits from a doctor and a
veterinarian who will show us how they help us ALL stay healthy.

*(Gr 4 – 5 -- 6 kids)*

*Wednesdays — 2:40-3:50:*

*Board Games with Sarah Williams*

Come enjoy some favorite old games, or learn a new one or two!

*(Gr 3 - 5 – 12 kids)*

*Doctor Who Club with Amie Lee and Danielle Starks*

For fans of Doctor Who: We'll be making Doctor Who related crafts, bringing
and reading Doctor Who books, maybe DVDs, quizzes, poems and/or stories
about favorite episodes or characters. We'll talk about everyone's favorite
characters and why!

*(Gr 3 - 4 – 10-15 kids)*

*Thursdays — 2:40-3:50:*

*Maker Crafting Club with Maegan Heindel (your fabulous librarian!!)*

Be a maker!  Join us for the hands-on Maker Crafting Club!  Make a book of
your own from scratch!  Use old books and magazines to create fun crafts!
You're the maker--you decide!

*(Gr 3 – 5 –- 10 kids)*

*Fridays — 2:45-3:30*

*Unicycle Club with Jill Cohan (NOTE: This club has a different time and
day schedule!) *Marquette Elementary School has been given a unique
opportunity to host Unicycling Club each week on Friday afternoons from
2:45-3:30.  Unicycling teaches valuable life skills such as persistence,
teamwork, and belief in oneself as the key to success.  Jill Cohan will
oversee the space in conjunction with volunteers from Madison Unicyclists (

Kids participating in Unicycle Club will be provided with a unicycle and be
assisted in learning to ride by an independent rider. In addition, Unicycle
Open Gym participants will be asked to assist the Unicycle Club Members who
are just learning to ride.


*(Gr 3- 5 – 8 kids)*

*How To Register:*

Go online to *http://tinyurl.com/MarqFall2015*
<http://tinyurl.com/MarqFall2015> by Oct 9.  You can only register one
child at a time, so if you have more than one child at Marquette, you will
need to visit the site for each one. (Also,be sure you have a “Success”
pop-up to let you know that you have successfully registered.)

Questions? please contact Ellison Bentley (Ellison.bentley at gmail.com OR


*SPACE IS LIMITED* – Students will be placed in clubs on a lottery basis
after the registration period ends. Please be aware that there may not be
space enough for all students, and students may not get their first

*Confirmations will be sent to you by e-mail on/about Oct 16th.  *Club
locations will be noted on the confirmation letter.  In that email, you
will find out which club your child is in. We will try our best to get your
child in his or her first choice, but we can't guarantee it. Mark the
second and third choice clubs only if your child is actually interested in
those clubs.

*What else do I need to know?*

*Red Caboose kids are welcome to sign up for clubs, too!*

*This program is sponsored by the PTG. There are no fees*. Donations

*Snack will be provided.* If children want to bring additional snack, they

*Club Leaders:* Please be sure to sign your children up for your club so we
know to save space for him/her!

*Club leaders reserve the right to release students from the club based on
poor behavior. We expect all children participating in the After School
Clubs to follow the Rules of Behavior that are expected of them during
regular school hours. **We welcome all children into clubs, however, if
your child needs one-on-one assistance to participate in the regular
classroom, we ask that the family provide an aide to help your child be
successful in clubs.*

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