[Lapham-Marquette PTG] Only ONE after school club at Lapham!!

Ellison Bentley ellison.bentley at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 15:41:08 EST 2015

Please sign up to lead a club if you are interested!! You have until Friday
to sign up-see below:

The Marquette-Lapham PTG After-School Club program seeks people to lead and
help with after-school clubs!

Leading a club can be lots of fun, so please try it!


   Feb 23-Mar 20  (4 sessions, Mon-Fri (no school Mar 13, early release Mar
   19-can make up week of Mar 23)

   Mondays 1:15-2:25; Tuesday - Fri 2:45 – 3:55 (You may offer a longer
   session if you want.)

   Clubs should be designed for 6-10 children.  Consider having an
   assistant for larger groups.

   Funding for supplies and your time ($100/club). Snack will be provided. You
   may offer additional snacks from home.

   Coordinators are available to help with management and communication as

Please return form below to Lapham or Marquette office PTG box

Or (BETTER!) complete the form online: http://tinyurl.com/qcaur2r

by Friday, Jan 23

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:
clubs at lapham-marquette-ptg.org

Ellison Bentley/Jackie Brown (Lapham) ellison.bentley at gmail.com,
aroundmadtown at gmail.com

Lori Van Ness (Marquette) lkvanness at gmail.com

Your talents will be appreciated–the number of children interested always
exceeds club capacity!
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