[Lapham-Marquette PTG] Apology for Unbalanced Art Opportunities

Kimberly Wilson kimberlyrwilson at gmail.com
Fri Apr 11 00:34:35 EDT 2014

I know the 1st graders have been left out this year in terms of the extra, fun art programs we've had, and are continuing to have. It's almost like they're the stereotypical middle children! With it being my first year as the art teacher at Lapham, I didn't have the foresight to see into the rest of the year and know what was coming up ahead. I did the CAT exhibit with the 2nd graders because of their skill level, but should have thought ahead to them having the big Zoma exhibit. And there were the 2nd grade winter snow scenes on display at DHS too. I was requested to do that project so I didn’t plan for it. We did have the Children's Museum exhibit for 1st graders, but that did not include all of our 1st grade students. And now we have a Kinder art party coming up, and Jacob (my student teacher from 3rd quarter) is having an opening for the 2nd  grade books. I also did the field trip with 2nd graders because they're obviously the most mature and I wanted them to have that experience before moving on from Lapham. 

I think it's OK for 2nd graders to have more extras than Kinder and 1st, but I apologize for it being so unbalanced this year. First year is always a learning opportunity, right? In the future I will make every effort to have the outside exhibits more balanced for all of our Lapham students.

Thanks for understanding.
Best, Ms. Kimberly (Lapham Art Teacher)

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