[Lapham-Marquette PTG] Marquette Garden Report - Help Needed Saturday!

Joe M jwmingle at tds.net
Tue Apr 8 22:20:38 EDT 2014

Hello, all!

Happy Spring!  Hope you’re all enjoying the milder weather.

The small vegetable beds at Marquette have been cleaned up and are ready for planting.  Actually, the family and I scattered lettuce, spinach, radish, carrot and other seeds in the bare beds in hopes of getting some early veggies going for the kids.  We’ll see if we get anything going since a hard frost is forecast for Monday night.

Regardless, I’d happily work with any teacher or class who wanted to get out in the garden and do some planting.  This season, Red Caboose students may also be doing some garden work.  I know everyone’s busy so no pressure but if anyone wants to get out there, let me know!

If you’re in town this weekend, I need some help moving the garden shed closer to the building.  The fenced playground for the wee tots is being expanded and the shed needs to move.  I need 6-8 stout folks who can help me drag it over to the new spot sometime Saturday afternoon.  It won’t take very long at all so please email if you think you can pop over to help!

Garden workdays will be scheduled in coming weeks for others interested in helping out,  This year, it would be swell if folks could help thin out the perennials in that raised bed and spruce up the memorial garden around the sign.  Anyhhoo, more on that another time!

Let me know if you can help put on Saturday!


Joe Mingle


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