[Lapham-Marquette PTG] What's PTG doing? What should we do? Where are the gaps/too much overlaps?

Liz Amundson lizamunds at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 7 18:19:10 EDT 2014

Hey-- that kinda rhymes!

Tuesday Night-- April 8th-- 6pm-7pm

As we absorb what we heard at the Family Engagement meeting and the Race to Equity discussion, we invite all parents and staff to come help us consider what we do... and what to emphasize/de-emphasize/tweak next year.

The PTG board has collaborated on a work-in-progress document that includes PTG activities/events and some school-initiated activities/events that happen outside of the school day- we will focus not just on 'what' we do, but also 'why'. We will discuss this chart at the meeting Tuesday 4/8 at 6pm... and invite all interested parents/staff to attend. Whether we just take action or send out a survey afterwards is 'up for discussion.'

***This is one of two meetings where our plans for 2014-15 will be firmed up. While there's always room for new, fun stuff-- we want to be 'mostly' set with what we're emphasizing (esp. if it takes $) by the May meeting. Now's the time to speak up if there's something you think PTG 'oughta' do.***

As always-- free childcare from Red Caboose (drop kids off anytime after 5:45 in the cafeteria at Lapham.) Free pizza from Roman Candle (every month!! aren't they nice?!)
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