[Lapham-Marquette PTG] Stuffing envelopes- help needed Mon. 10/14- will provide chocolate!

Liz Amundson lizamunds at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 10 16:31:41 EDT 2013

We need help stuffing envelopes with forms/flyers for the Taste of Wisconsin/REAP fundraiser.
Kids are welcome to come and help!

When: Monday 10/14 5-7pm (we may finish early if we get loads of help!)

Where: Lapham Library (2nd floor-- use door 6B on the parking lot side to enter)

Why: this fundraiser raised over $3,500 last year (on over $9,000 in orders). Money raised supports our schools in the form of field trip support, art & music programming, stipends for classroom teachers, after school clubs, more. [BTW: the share of that 'gross' that isn't ours funds REAP-- here's what they do/who they are: http://www.reapfoodgroup.org/programs-events/programs-events ]

How: reply if you can, but 'just showing up' is also great.

Katie Beilfuss and I coordinate this fundraiser in part because we appreciate chance to support of local growers/farmers/producers. It also has products for every budget-- popcorn is $2.75. Last year we encouraged parents to solicit orders in their neighborhood or at work if they felt comfortable doing so, and we got a lovely handwritten note from a friend/neighbor/relative of a Lapham-Marquette parent stating how happy she was to buy these kinds of products to support our local schools. What validation!

We'll need a couple more rounds of volunteers: picking up these local foods/products and schlepping them to Lapham, a night of bagging them up for you all, and an afternoon of matching up people and their orders. We'll solicit you again for those chances to help.

Thank you-- Liz & Katie
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