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Lapham’s Green Team recently conducted a waste audit of Lapham's lunchroom in order to establish a baseline of the type and quantity of waste Lapham students generate in the lunchroom each day. We wanted to find out how much of this waste could be diverted from landfill by introducing composting and recycling options. 
We learned that in one lunch period, Lapham's students generated 88.5 pounds of garbage! By composting 41 lbs. of food we could have avoided 42.64 lbs. of Co2 emissions and saved money by reducing the volume of trash we are paying to have hauled away. 
– 53% of that garbage (47 lbs.) could have been diverted from landfill through composting or recycling– 46% of that garbage (41 lbs.) could have been composted– 7% of that garbage (6 lbs.) could have been recycled
Next step? Introduce composting and recycling to Lapham’s lunchroom! To do this, we need 45 minutes of your time. Lapham’s Green Team seeks parent volunteers to help Kindergarteners learn about composting and recycling in Lapham’s lunchroom next week during Earth Week. This is a pilot project that we would like to roll out to all grades! 
Can you give 40 minutes of your time during Earth Week?Time: 10:50–11:30, pick-a-day from April 22 – April 26
Volunteer Responsibilities: Parent volunteers will be assigned to a single Kindergarten table and be given a compost bucket or a recycling bucket. The bucket will have picture of the items we are collecting that day. While students are eating, volunteers will interact with the students asking them which of the items in their lunches can be composted and recycled. The parents will encourage students to eat all of their food, because that's the best choice in terms of avoiding waste. Then, when students are finished eating, parent volunteers will help the students dispose of their “garbage” in the correct buckets or garbage can. All the compost and recycling will be combined and weighed each day so we can track how much we divert from landfill at week’s end! To volunteer, please contact Stephanie Steigerwaldt at 669-5509, or webmaster at lapham-marquette-ptg.org.
Thank you for helping Lapham become a more sustainable school! Learn more about the Green Team’s efforts on Facebook by searching for “Lapham Garden & Green Team”.  		 	   		   		 	   		  
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