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Parent  Chiming in...
Lapham parents - I did this with both of our kids all the way through ,
can confirm that it is another immensely valuable learning opportunity for
all the children given by another yet another fabulous teacher at Lapham.
We're really lucky to have Jean and all she does. .This is a really unique
opportunity to help kids from families that don't get a chance to take
swim classes, you can make a difference for a kid who needs some help, and
be a positive older male, . The locker rooms are especially chaotic , but
getting dressed and back to class quickly teaches several important
lessons they'll always have, from you.
She is usually short of parental help, especially dads, and you should
make time if you possibly can to help. Nor does it have to be an onerous
commitment - one year, there were 5 (6?) fathers and we worked out a
schedule that allowed us to rotate weeks.
 Also, Jean takes care of kids who don't have towels or suits by keeping a
stock of donations from parents and washing them herself. She can use all
those items, and usually detergent too.

Go help Jean, Make a difference !
Alex Squitieri

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