[Lapham-Marquette PTG] CAKES NEEDED

Jill mamajillj at gmail.com
Thu Apr 4 19:13:53 EDT 2013

Calling all cake bakers for the Cake Walk at Family Fun Night!

There can't be a cake walk without your cakes! Donate your cakes and/or cupcakes!

Help us revive the beloved tradition of the cake walk. (Participants prance around a circle to a jaunty tune. When the music stops, hop on a number.  If your number is picked from the hat you get a WHOLE cake-- how cool is that!)

Sign up to donate a cake by emailing Jill at mamajillj at gmail.com  Then you can just drop your cake off in the Marquette office on April 26 or bring it to the cake walk table at FFN.  Fancy cakes, plain cakes, cupcakes-- all will find a good home.

Special request-- do you fiddle, play the banjo, accordion?  Why not show off your talent and take a shift playing live for the cake walk?

Questions, cake donations or to volunteer your musical talents - contact Jill at mamajillj at gmail.com

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