[Lapham-Marquette PTG] Seeking nominations to serve on district committee

Jill Jacklitz mamajillj at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 14:08:34 EDT 2011

Hello PTG families,

We have been asked to submit one or two parent representative nominations to
serve on the LaFollete and East Area Long-Range Planning Committee. The
turnaround for this is VERY short-  the principals need to submit names on
Friday.  Participation is not guaranteed as the district will be selecting
from a pool of parents, teachers and principals across the East and
LaFollette attendance areas.

I have attached a document that provides further detail.    The East Area
PTO Coalition, of which we are a member, has been discussing this issue for
months and we would ask that our rep take the Coalition's position into
consideration. We will also ask our rep to provide regular updates and seek
feedback from the PTG, preferably at monthly meetings. Matt Calvert, our
advocacy chair and rep on the East Area PTO Coalition, is available to talk
with anyone interested in volunteering:  calvert.matthew at gmail.com   Matt
was one of our reps for the last overcrowding committee and can share some
insight into the workings of this type of committee so you know what you are
getting into.

And because our timeline is short we will not have the opportunity to engage
in the most appropriate "selection" process.  So, I apologize in advance if
we get more than a couple people who volunteer.  We will do our best.

Please let me know if you would like to be considered* by end of day
tomorrow (Thursday).*  Please include your name, grade(s) of your children
and a phone number where I can reach you Thursday eve.


Jill Jacklitz
President, Lapham-Marquette PTG
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