[Lapham-Marquette PTG] Family Fun Night - Thank You Volunteers

alex squitieri alex_squitieri at sbcglobal.net
Wed May 12 10:49:49 EDT 2010

>From Diane Scherschel :

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I want to thank
everyone who volunteered and made family fun night a success. On the 
of we had at least 50 volunteers. All came with great energy!!!! Thank 
to everyone who volunteered.
A very special thank you to our principals. One of my most favorite 
of ffn this year is we had many low income families come and join in our
festivities. This was due to the actions of our two principals. They 
spoke with
and/or called families letting them know we had tickets and cab rides.  I
also enjoyed watching the principals in action. They serve as host and 
to this event, working the room, chatting with everyone. 
We cannot thank Anita Krasno and Gloria VanDixhorn
enough for all of their efforts. THANK YOU THANK YOU I think they
are still wrapping things up sending thank you notes to all who
donated. They worked very hard and we are most appreciative of their 
Each year we have several teachers volunteer and assist. This is always
wonderful. The kids and parents love seeing their teachers here. A
very special thanks to Peggy Moore for once again running a great
talent show in the very hot Multi-purpose room. The talent show is one 
the events which really makes ffn fun for the children. It takes a
very energetic patient person to run this event.
If anyone has some suggestions on how to improve the event I would love 
hear them. Some I have are:
1. Get the AC on in the multi purpose room
2. Have a volunteer stationed in the library to make sure there is no 
and keep people away from the books.
3. Pre-sell tickets.
4. More volunteers needed at the auction and games.
Changes this year I loved
1. Moving the games to the fieldhouse
2. Live auction
3. 30 Foot Obstacle 
That's it
Thank you

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