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Mon Jul 27 10:01:11 EDT 2009

Hard to believe it's already the end of July.  Before I forget, the combo to the cable of the gate on the Dayton St. side of the garden is 3739.  The cable showed up in the garden last week (is it yours?), laying (or lying??) coiled on the ground like a snake.  I bet I walked past it 20 times before finally picking it up on Sat. only to find that it was set to open and was the perfect cabe to use on the recently reclaimed gate.  It was like my friend Tim finding a beautiful Italian suit hanging in a tree in a Paris park that fit him perfectly.  Mr. Sunshine and one of his fine students, wielding a hack saw, took charge of the situation and opened the portal.  

The cukes are in.  If you visit the garden, pick some and pick 'em small (3" - 4").  Ideally they
 should be picked every day to trick the plants into setting more fruit.  I've been picking them and taking them to the Goodman Community Center where they pickle a lot of them.  I've been talking with the kitchen staff about processing produce from the garden and making it available for Lapham students to eat.  

The beans (black, kidney, calypso, Hutterite soup, tiger eye, can't remember the other varieties) are doing well with the exception of the Japanese beatle infested plants.  One task to accomplish this week is to shake the beatles off the plants into a pail of soapy water. 

The tomatoes transplanted a few weeks ago developed
 a nasty looking leaf blight.  Is it bacterial canker or anthracnose or fusariam wilt?  Challenging to diagnose.  One fruit had a sunken black spot.  Funky lookin'.  I pruned the worst branches off and sprayed vermicompost tea on them and they seem to be doing better.  Cross your fingers.  Anybody out there a plant pathologist?

Check the square foot garden.  Mr. Mark did an excellent job seeding stuff down and all is growing nicely.

We'll be toiling tomorrow night (Tues.) from 6:30 - 8 if you can make it.

As ever, sweating in the hot sun,

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