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Matthew Calvert calvert.matthew at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 11:53:53 EDT 2008

*Lapham/Marquette Community,*
*Many of you have been asking about next year's budget process and how a
referendum will fit into that. If you're interested in learning about and
getting involved in a referendum campaign, there's an initial meeting on
Tuesday. I plan to be there and will try to keep the PTG abreast of what is
happening, but if you've got energy to put into supporting the school
district, this is a great time to get involved.*
*Matt Calvert*

Individuals and groups interested in working to support a school referendum
will be meeting on Tuesday 6/24 from 6:00-8:30, at Edgewood College in the
Library Conference Room (directions below).

Please join us and spread the word.

Here is a tentative agenda (updated):

* Update form the Board of Education (including time line) -- (Note, it
would be great if one or two Board members could attend, three would be
illegal. Board members, please coordinate).
* Possibilities of 4 year old kindergarten as a referendum item, advantages
and disadvantages.
* Other referendum ideas.
* Specific programs/spending vs. general operating.
* Recurring vs. non-recurring.
* If non-recurring, number of years.
* Leopold situation.
* What advocates/activists can and should be doing this Summer, including
outreach and organization.
* Interactions with the Board of Education.
* Presentation training and prep (materials).
* Chairs/Board, honorary and working?
* Presentation scheduling for Fall (PTO, Neighborhood Associations, service
organizations, other organizations...)
* Sub Committees?
* Fundraiser(s)...(I think this is a must for the Summer; at very least one
should be part of the back-to-school campaign kick off).

Hope to see you there.



The library is at the South end of campus. The Edgewood website is being
updated and the links to the campus map and virtual tour are not working.
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