[Lapham-Marquette PTG] Slow Down Campaign Party April 16, 12 Noon, Tenney Beach

cherylwittke at tds.net cherylwittke at tds.net
Wed Apr 9 15:43:33 EDT 2008

Hi Lapham Marquette Families: 

Safe Communities will launch its annual Slow Down Campaign in our neighborhood this year.  Hope you can join us!  How about coming for the festivities and having a picnic lunch with the family since it's an early release day. We always try to get lots of media for the event and what draws them is people - especially kids. Here are the details: 

Safe Communities Slow Down Yard Sign Campaign Kickoff 
Hosted by Tenney Lapham Neighborhood Association 
Wednesday, April 16 
Noon - 12:45 PM 
Tenney Park Beach 

We plan to have fun stuff for kids to see - fire trucks, squad cars, TV crews, maybe the helicopter again (big maybe, but we're trying).  

I have lots of yard signs at my house - 446 Sidney Street - and folks are 
welcome to them. We'd like to have a huge yard sign presence in east side 
neighborhoods starting the evening of April 15th (not before so we save our 
thunder for the media event). Please let me know if you're willing to pick up 
signs and coordinate posting them on your street. 

We'd sure love to see you there!  If you think you can come, would you let me know?  I'd like to get a sense of how many might attend.   Thank you! Cheryl 

Cheryl Wittke

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